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On the final walk through with my clients, besides the fact that the house was completely filthy and multiple things didn't work...the agent was as rude as you get! They wanted my clients to pay a $400 cleaning deposit for a dirty, broken down house, and when I proposed that they not have to pay it due to the conditions of the house, or that they call someone to clean it that day I was looked at like I was crazy, and told no.

I then proceeded to ask her then if my clients didn't have to clean the house when they left since it wasn't for them, she said no! The house has to be spotless!!! I couldn't help but laugh. We took pictures and will leave the house exactly as they received it.

To top it all off when I tried to make a complaint against the agent, the broker was even more rude. Apparently these are the kind of people he wants working for him...making a real good name for your company.

Advice for any other realtors out there, if you see this company's name on a listing...run as far as you can. Protect your clients.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #796248

Prudential Arizona Properties now called Berkshire Hathaway Home Services in Scottsdale is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL..The review above is spot on the agent is a less than caring person and her broker , I am sure a personal friend is not helpful as well..STAY CLEAR of this firm. Don't give them your business!

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